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Roland Lucas PT MPhty FAAOMPT

Specializing in Musculoskeletal Pain and Injury



Physical Therapy


With over 25 years of experience Roland Lucas offers specialized hands-on rehabilitation for all kind of sports and orthopedic injuries. In 2017, to simplify his life Roland transitioned to Kaiser Permanente, but he still provides consultation and treatment to non-kaiser clients on a limited basis in the Sunnyvale area.

Use the form below to email Roland to determine if you are a good candidate for his approach.

Billing and Eligibility

Lucas Physical Therapy does not bill or accept any insurance. Services are paid for in full at the time of treatment. Due to contractual obligations Roland Lucas cannot treat clients with Medicare or current members of Kaiser Permanente.

Fee Schedule *

Initial consultation and treatment (55 min) - $225

40 min follow-up session  - $135

* For patients seen in their own home additional charges for travel time may apply.

Patient's will receive paperwork documenting their visit that can be used for submission to Health Savings Account or to request reimbursement from their Health Insurance. However, no guarantee of reimbursement is provided and Lucas Physical Therapy does not have the resources to contact Health Insurances on the patient's behalf.



Roland has time in his schedule to see patients on most Tuesday afternoons and Saturday mornings. All visits are by appointment only.

Contact Roland

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Unfortunately the old Lucas PT self treatment section of the website is off line. However, most of the exercises can be found on Roland's youtube channel fitnessandinjury.